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Need a good Turkey receipe for the oven

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  • Need a good Turkey receipe for the oven

    Need some differant suggestions on how to do a turkey, or somewhere that it is already written. (this is in the pizza oven of course)

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    Re: Need a good Turkey receipe for the oven





    Here's a few links... Should keep you busy reading for awhile.
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      Re: Need a good Turkey receipe for the oven

      We brined a turkey according to a Cooks Illustrated recipe, highly recommend brining first. There are lots of recipes for brining, the last one Dave quotes is brined. I think we used 1 cup kosher salt per gallon of water. No sugar in the one we used. Cooks now lists two options, one with more concentrated salt for a quick brine (hours) and the one I use which brines overnight.

      The brine keeps the moisture in the meat - add that to WFO roasting and it's unbeatable!


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        Re: Need a good Turkey receipe for the oven

        Just curious, has anyone added a metal can (i.e. coffee can) with water in it while they cooked a turkey? I use this method when cooking chicken on the gas grill and it really makes the bird moist. I do the chicken off heat (chicken off to the side of the hot burner, can on the burner, or bird on the rotiserrie, can on a small gas burner.

        Key is making sure the water slowly steams/boils.

        I have not tried a turkey, but will have a few spares around to try this November in the pizza oven


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          Re: Need a good Turkey receipe for the oven

          What are you looking for, an actual receipe or tips on how to do it in the oven?

          Anyway, here is my alltime favourite turkey receipe, passed down in our family for generations (three at least), and I thought I'd share it with you.

          1 large onion
          1 tblsp butter
          1 lb of bread (two days old)
          a lot of sage, chopped
          1.5 dl of broth
          1 egg
          a lot of pepper
          salt to taste

          Chop and fry the onion in the butter. Grate the bread into breadcrumbs (without crusts). Put everything in a bowl and mix to a dough, then stuff it into your turkey. Cover the turkey with bacon rind, wrap it in foil, and follow everybody else's advice on how long to bake it...

          It's not complicated or anything, but its soooo goooooood!
          "Building a Brick oven is the most fun anyone can have by themselves." (Terry Pratchett... slightly amended)



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            Re: Need a good Turkey receipe for the oven

            Thanks for the receipe, I am looking for good outdoor oven receipes


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              Re: Need a good Turkey receipe for the oven

              Thanksgiving is coming soon.... Does someone have a suggestion on how to combine activities- Roast turkey, roast bake potatoes, apple crisp. Do they combine? I think that towards the end of the roasting turkey you can do the others, perhaps put in the crisp at the very end, because the turkey needs to set.

              Perhaps, to be fancy flat bread then turkey.