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Another successful pizza party

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  • Another successful pizza party

    Had a small group over this weekend and again the pizza's turned out really good. We have almost gone through a 50 lb. bag of Caputo pizzeria flour which means we have made quite a few pizza's this year.

    On a different note, last week my cousins took us to a pizza parlor which they had delivered to their house a couple years ago. At the time I thought they made a very good pizza, but after having it again last week it really made me appreciate the pizza's that come out of a WFO. The pizza was good for a restaurant or pizza parlor, but it come nowhere close to the flavors of a pizza from an oven. I have been spoiled silly!

    Now back to my recent party......the oven was nice and hot after cooking the last pizza, so I spread some coals on the floor to clean it and then shut the door. Last night, over 24 hours after cooking the last pie, I walked past the oven and could still feel heat coming from the door. I got my temperature gun and was getting a reading of 265 degrees on the top of the dome and around 216 on the back walls. These ovens are truly amazing on how well they can reatin heat if properly insulated.

    None of this could have been accomplished if not for this awesome forum. Everyone's input is so informative and valuable that I cannot possibly thank everybody for their assistance. But, I do want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.....and keep on firing up that oven!!