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Luddite Jeff's Pide'n Prawns

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  • Luddite Jeff's Pide'n Prawns

    G'day Folks.
    I hope you lot are more tolerant than those Philistines from the TOOLS and TIPS section. Disgraceful lot, I tell you.
    Tonight's meal was dead basic, and has huge potential: pide, boiled prawns from down the creek, black olives, fresh tomato and basil. I'm almost pleased that the constant ringing of the phone foreshortened the planned menu: less can indeed be more.
    Negatives: oven floor was fine, but ceiling had cooled too much = rare pide.
    Positives:fresh bread plus sublime prawns is second only to fresh bread and sublime mudcrab. So I suffer quietly...long sigh..haha - aaahh. Yes!

    Tip. We caught a truckload of prawns last December. To defrost, cover with sea water [roughly 30g salt /litre rain(drinkable) water], and leave 'em there for an hour or two. If boiling, 2 minutes is about right. As soon as they float, scoop 'em out. Overcooked = Blaarth, eh.

    And I would welcome other techniques.

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    Re: Luddite Jeff's Pide'n Prawns

    Image of tonight's tucker (maybe), at Take #21.
    OK, seems to have worked. Bed time for this little black duck.
    Jeff the Sleepy, true.


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      Re: Luddite Jeff's Pide'n Prawns

      I would of enjoyed participating in that fine dinner.
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        Re: Luddite Jeff's Pide'n Prawns

        Great looking prawns, Jeff. The basil is a great garnish too, huh?
        Everyone makes mistakes. The trick is to make mistakes when nobody is looking.



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          Re: Luddite Jeff's Pide'n Prawns

          Fresh basil. Now that's a reminder of summer. :-) Here in rain drenched CA, our lawn is mud and a second storm knocked the fence over again.

          On the upside, I hosed off the side patio, and we are starting to lay out the kitchen counters, grill and outdoor fireplace. Spring is coming.

          Sorry to hijack the thread...

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            Re: Luddite Jeff's Pide'n Prawns

            I'd love to try this, but unfortunately we have no creek, let alone one with prawns in...

            That is so cool!
            "Building a Brick oven is the most fun anyone can have by themselves." (Terry Pratchett... slightly amended)



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              Re: Luddite Jeff's Pide'n Prawns

              Sure Frances, I feel your pain. You probably don't get eaten to death by midges and sandflies when the wind blows from the wrong quarter either.
              No such thing as a free lunch eh.
              Love you mob.
              Luddite Jeff.
              ps. burn that bloody fence, James. It's obviously a pita. j.