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Hard act to follow, Inish.

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  • Hard act to follow, Inish.

    Mates, Inishta chucks up a hard act to follow.
    Especially since my first exuberant response has been dissolved by the ether. (To re-crystallize elsewhere, perchance). [luddite: dead set].
    In short, as it was Friday, we had bread 'n fish (with a green salad for minerals).
    Sourdoug, 40 mins @ 500>400*F.
    Smoked salmon, 30min @ 180*F. Neither temp was perfect, but hey, I've never cooked both sides of the door before.
    Can't have been too bad, 'cos The Dog missed out. (So far).
    Tally-ho Chasps, wot eh Frances. This is where I lost the last script, so will attempt images separately.
    Good Springing you mob.

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    Re: Hard act to follow, Inish.

    This is reminiscent of Artificial Insemination. I suspect something [wonderful]may be about to happen, but no idea why.
    Truly you mob, I'm a dead-set died-in-the-wool luddite: dyed-in-the-wool wanker pales in comparison.
    Crikey, it works! Thanks Inish.


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      Re: Hard act to follow, Inish.

      Pizza Ovens
      Outdoor Fireplaces


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        Re: Hard act to follow, Inish.

        Sorry; got excited, and forgot to run through the Bread'nFish image.
        Smoked fish plus two buns. Paperbark smoker on rhs. Polished ss door kinds of mucks-up the image. The oven is behind all this mess.
        Have got an emu leg marinating o/n. Oven should be cool enough by tomorrow to do a " low'n slow" rotisserie.
        (Crikey, The Dog's tonguing for a feed, eh. She is So Pissed Off with this WFO thingy, betul; all the aromas, but no discards. Bring back the BBQ, she barks.
        (Advance notice James: My smart-arse Bitch is working on behalf of Canines Anon. to have WFOs banned, on the grounds of animal cruelty.
        Trust your lawer is up to speed).
        Mean while, thanks from the humans eh.


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          Re: Hard act to follow, Inish.

          Old Ginger died after 15 years so we don't have to feel guilty anymore.....chuck em a bone Teach.....

          She sure did love to lick those paella pans though....she'd leave teeth marks in the burnt crust!!!
          sigpicTiempo para guzarlos..... ...enjoy every sandwich!


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            Re: Hard act to follow, Inish.

            They (canines)sure know how to bring on a guilt trip, eh. Ungrateful mongrels!
            Emu leg (turkey, in reality) spent three hours @ 125*C. Meat is superb, but flavours fight. Next time, no smoke. Last batch of Salmon is about to come out. Was supposed to be 10mins @ 125C, and maybe an hour @ 60C. (I forgot, so 30 mins@ 125 eh. Flamin' eggtimers.
            Back to pizza tomorrow night. Whew.
            Thanks you mob.


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              Re: Hard act to follow, Inish.

              XJim. Ginger eh.
              If ever we meet up, remind me to tell you about the Mansion , overlooking the river to the East...almost bought it...Grump! Bloody dogs, eh. Love 'em to bits, dammit.
              Anyway, I'll try to send that recipe for Inish, (although I reckon he's setting me up. Probly ex-navy, eh.)
              Fingers krost and....
              Bugger!! The Missus has done a tidy-up; hang on eh...

              No. No good' mates. Can't find Inishe's notes re posting images, so shall have to fly blind.
              Will post this before I waste the whole evening.
              Chuckles eh. (My buy).
              Cretinous teach.