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  • Chestnuts to go

    Well, tried to cook chestnuts over charcoal last night.Failure.
    My Lady said they were nothing like the ones she used to buy in France.
    Will try differing times today, and hope I crack it. (Seems so simple!)
    Kids are home from London on Monday - hope they were taking notes re chestnuts.
    Some yez wins and some yez loses. Never mind.
    Ever the Ludite - Jeff.

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    Re: Chestnuts to go

    Hi teach.............the oven painting is evolving............

    Did you cut a cross through the shell of the chestnut? They seem unblemished from the photo. If not you run the risk of a flashback to the trenches. Here in Turkey we use chestnuts in all manner of things, sweet and savoury and are traditional with turkey (the bird) for New Year where I live.


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      Re: Chestnuts to go

      I do find chestnuts challenging.....don't dismay.

      Jaimes mentioned the charred outside and I agree. But too long and they are burnt.

      and I do think the nuts need to be fresh (higher moisture content?)

      Maybe try doing them in a cast iron pan?

      We need come expert chestnut advice...enough nuts here that someone knows how to get them right.
      sigpicTiempo para guzarlos..... ...enjoy every sandwich!


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        Re: Chestnuts to go

        Here in Turkey we don't use the perforated chestnut roasters that are prevelant throughout the Med. that are shaken to roast evenly. Here is a photo of a typical street vendor in Istanbul.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	streetVendor.jpg
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        A cross is cut with a sharp knife (chestnut knives are inexpensive to buy here)on the flat side down to, but not through, the nut. Each is turned individually and displayed beautifully as in the picture.

        Many homes have heating/cooking appliances called sobas and in winter a lot of local bars instal them. They come in cast or steel and often customers will bring chestnuts and roast them directly on the top of the stove. Delicious.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	soba.jpg
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          Re: Chestnuts to go

          That image is pure magic. A craftsman, and proud. Good onim.
          Yes, I did pierce them.
          Shall try XJim's suggestion and put a few in the 'Kartoffel Teufel' (Strewth, don't ask me. It was a gift. Tru. ) Actually it's an unglazed ceramic 'pot', and does cook a nice why not chestnuts?
          Old dogs and new tricks? Difficult.
          Yes, difficult, but not necessarily impossible. (giggles inwardly).
          Thanks fellers,


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            Re: Chestnuts to go

            Flashbacks. I bet Sir George will be doing chestnuts with bald eagle(the emblem) before you can say 'How's yer father'.
            Mate, what's the Irish for that situation? Brilliant, I bet.


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              Re: Chestnuts to go

              All sage advice.

              I agree with:

              1. they have to be fresh
              2. they should be slashed
              3. they should be charred, but not burned (not too hot, not too cold, just right, at least that what Goldie Locks said)
              4. you should giggle them to cook evenly

              The street vendors use wood or charcoal fires, which I guess is why the chestnut pan has holes in it -- and the chestnuts get seriously hot. Autumn harvest; perfect for a freezing winter day to keep your hands warm.

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