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another weekend, another 30 pies..

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  • another weekend, another 30 pies..

    Hi everyone,

    Just checking in on the FB folks since I haven't posted in a while. I've been making lots of pizzas lately in my 36" oven. Trying new recipes.. Also, scored a 50 lb bag of General Mills Neapolitan style flour at the Las Vegas Pizza Expo! It was my first time visiting the event. Lots of fun. Had family over last night for Mom's day pizza-fest.. Making real Neapolitan pizza is one of my absolute favorite things to do. Here are a few I made last night" Pancetta with shallots; Chorizo, red onion; Fennel Sausage and peperonata; Margherita add anchovy; Soppressata and mushroom...and the list goes on. It still amazes me how much attention to detail you need in order not to screw up the pizzas!

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    Looks great. You are right you need to pay attention what you are doing or you will screw it up. But even a bad pizza is still pretty good.



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      Yes, these ovens are party magnets. Everyone in my family always seem to volunteer me to host a pizza party. This also serves notice to builders that a 36" oven can handle a large party.
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        I tried cooking the guiness and steak pies in our oven and it turned out pretty nice. Will post pictures next time


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          This oven is useful for any party.