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    I am enjoying cooking everything else besides pizza these days........still like cooking pies, but experimenting with everything else is more fun that I thought it would be!!!

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    Those look great - how about posting times and temperatures? That is one of the biggest problems I have when I experiment - not over or undercooking something.
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      Most of my experimenting has been with items that can handle heat (I guess meaning no bread stuff)......the Oysters were cooking in about 5-7 minutes when the oven was probably 500 degrees. The poppers took probably a few minutes longer. I havent really paid much attention to managing the temp........cooked some pizzas then oven cools a bit while I am prepping......I move the pan around if it looks like its getting scorched.......its been an eyeball/feel thing thus far. Only been at it a few months



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        Here's something I found that's perfect in the's a cast iron spider pan. Has little legs that bring it off the floor


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          Hmmmmm That is a good idea. I have 2 of those but they are deep dutch oven type......need to find a skillet with the feet now. That is a great idea. Thanks for sharing


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            I've seen these spider pans at Cabela's, Bass World, and Sportsman's Warehouse. These large, outdoor oriented camping/hunting stores have great cast iron cooking selections and usually at pretty decent prices. They are geared to grill & open fire cooking while on hunting trips, so it fits right in with WFO concepts (IMHO ). I always wander through these sections when I'm in one of those stores...amazing how many things I find that I didn't even know I needed
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