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  • Lasagna al Forno

    Here's a couple of slabs we cooked up the other night, while it was heating up I put a sausage roll in for lunch. It cooked beautifully in about 5 minutes.

    Got the floor covered in flames and as it burnt down I pushed all the hot coals towards the back and closed the door to get the heat soaked in and even the heat over the interior. When the temperature reached around 250c I put the lasagna in towards the front and covered with foil. It took about an hour to cook through, then I removed the foil and let it brown, from memory 15 to 20 minutes. Turned out sensational.

    I then closed the door and left the hot coals in over night, the next morning it was still around 220c, I put together a banana cake ( we have loads of bananas from our trees to use up ) and it went in with a couple of fire bricks to shield the radiated heat from the coals, half an hour and it was cooked to perfection. This oven cooks better than our Siemens electric oven !

    Next day there was enough heat to reheat a frozen pizza for lunch and a meal at dinner time.

    A couple of days later the temperature dropped to 60c, I put some chillies in to dry, within 24 hours they were done perfectly.

    I reckon the coals must be out by now, will check tomorrow, there could well be some charcoal left over I can use in the BBQ.

    How good is that !
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    Vince Ieraci

    This is rocket science.