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    I had a blast using the oven to help with a benefit fund raiser this past weekend. My wife and niece needed 16 bundt pound cakes and 1 three layer cake. It would have been tough trying to accomplish this in our conventional oven, two at a time. Not only would that have taken much longer, it would have called for a lot of electricity and taxed our home air conditioning. It's hot already down hear in MS. We did them 6 at a time in the WFO. We could have done more, but were limited by only 6 bundt pans (most were borrowed). All the cakes turned out perfect. Since all I did was operate the oven, there are no recipes. But, I'm sure that what ever recipes you have for the conventional oven will be even better in the WFO .

    I'm going to attache this post to another one in Oven Tools later due to the one hitch that we had.
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    Wow thoes look great. I am glad it all turned out. What a major time saver.