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    I forgot to mention it on this thread. But, shrimp can be substituted for those that just can't bring theirself to try an oyster. They can be cooked the same way with the same toppings and they are equally delicious. I would have had a pan of those in the pics as my wife doesn't like oysters and loves shrimp done this way. But, the last time we ate out she felt a little funny after eating shrimp. I won't let her try them again until she gets the blood test for shellfish allergy.
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      Love oysters... they get flown in fresh from Washington state to Hawaii... we normally cook them on a grill with a nice even medium heat (when the coals have just burned down) they usually will open when ready.. we make a dipping sauce of butter and hot sauce.. yum

      but the best I ever had oyster was when visiting Rhode Island... we went out on a small skiff to areas where they farmed raised oysters. we used a bull rake along side of the farms to get them out of the mud and into the boat.. we ate some raw oysters right there and they were the best raw shucked I ever had...

      this was all done in preparation for a wedding... and a traditional east coast clam bake.. the clam bake was something... I ate so much lobster, clams, oysters and cod it was redonkulis... this was all cooked underground... I have to say the east coast clam bake rivals any Hawaiian luau...
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        They look amazing!
        Where can I find logs? I need more!
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