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Coq a vin, lentils, green breans, rice, focaccia

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  • Coq a vin, lentils, green breans, rice, focaccia

    We made everything except the rice in our small indoor oven (yes, it's still raining in Healdsburg). Saute the onions and vegetables, then add the chicken and return the baking dish to the oven to brown the chicken. Add stock and wine and cover and return to the oven.

    The lentils were 2 cups of dry lentils and 3 cups of water. The same idea with sauteing the onion, garlic, oil in the oven, then adding the lentils and water to bake -- much nicer than boiling and draining the lentils. I added a vinaigrette right at the end.

    We had everything in the oven and the kitchen somewhat clean when our company arrived. We pulled everything out and put it right on table. Very easy, very little effort. I am going to try the "everything in the oven" method again.

    The white porcelan dish won't survive the oven and will definitely crack. We're waiting for more terracotta bakeware.

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    among others, this shrimp pizza in thai red curry paste with jalapenos, goat cheese and peanut sauce.

    really good bread encased in a protective layer of CARBON !!!

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