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Chili Cookoff Contest - MAJOR OPPS!! - Forno Bravo Forum: The Wood-Fired Oven Community


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Chili Cookoff Contest - MAJOR OPPS!!

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  • Chili Cookoff Contest - MAJOR OPPS!!

    Chef and I were asked to enter a chili cookoff contest at a small catholic school just down the street from us. Of course we said yes and decided to make a veggie chili - we wanted to stand out.

    We fired up the oven at noon and started to prep. I took photos along the way made a poster board to show how we cook in a WFO. It was all looking wonderful.

    Then it happened....we were packing up the truck the last thing we needed to get in was the cast iron dutch oven with the chili; as chef Phil is closing the gate to the back yard with the chili in hand...BANG... chili all over the drive way!!

    All that work...all that love...We will try again next year!!

    This was the info I had on my poster along with these photos

    Crock Pots are for WHIMPS!!

    Try Silly Willy ? Philly?s Veggie Chili.

    We took a green approach to our entry - we used only fresh produce and cooked in our wood fired brick oven. No animals were harmed ? No dependence on non-renewable fuel sources!! All vegetable scraps were used to make a vegetable stock or used as compost in our garden.

    Tomatoes, Jalapenos and Corn were dry fire roasted (no oil) in cast iron fry pans (didn?t everything grandma made in her cast iron skillet taste SO good!!)

    All other vegetables were saut?ed in cast iron skillet with just a bit of vegetable oil. Then it all comes together in a 9 quart enameled cast iron Dutch oven. We let this simmer for an hour.

    We hope you enjoy our unusual entry!!
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    Re: Chili Cookoff Contest - MAJOR OPPS!!

    What a bummer! Sounds delicious though!
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