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Kids Pizza Party

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  • Kids Pizza Party

    My twins asked me to throw them a pizza party and things went so well that I thought I would share how it went. The girls just turned 7 and they had 2 friends over, plus several siblings. The girls wanted everybody to make their own smiley face pizza.
    • I used 1kg of flour and the FB recipe, I created 180 gram balls to create 8 inch pizzas plus an extra 275 or so ball for an adult pizza.
    • I used 1/2 Bread 1/2 all purpose flour. I did not want to use my caputo in case one of kids wasted a ball. I hate to freak out on the kids and I know that is a sore point with me. This way I could relax!
    • I chopped up all the toppings including green pepper slices for mouths and mushrooms for ears or eyebrows, pepperoni for eyes etc. You get the idea... The kids did what they wanted.
    • As pizza time came near I formed each pizza and placed it on a piece of baking parchment and then on a cheap paper plate.
    • I gave them a demo and then helped spread the tomato thin. Then let them at it.
    • I used two pizza stones in my oven since I did not have WFO. I was able to fit about 3 pizza per stone. But it was tricky. The parchment helped here.
    • I put each baked pizza on a new paper plate, which got placed on the party plates. The party plates where then good for cake and ice cream.

    All in all it was a big hit! Happy kids, happy wife!


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    Re: Kids Pizza Party

    Kids and smiley faces make great combos! Sounds like you entertained them well!



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      Re: Kids Pizza Party

      How did that AP/bread flour crust work out? I find non-caputo crusts fight like rubber bands when you try to stretch them out. I make pitas out of ordinary flour, but i use a rolling pin on them.
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        Re: Kids Pizza Party

        Well it did not have a nice light crispy crust like the caputo, but I did not have to fight it. Here is a picture of one pizza.

        I made an margarita adult pizza and put mortadella on it out of the oven.


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          Re: Kids Pizza Party

          Because I have a WFO my older daughter thought it would be a good Idea to have a pizza party at a local WFO pizza place, (i wanted to smack her when I found out after) Although her thoughts were she didnt want to bother me to make pizza's for 12 kids,,, As we all know if were cooking in our oven we are happy, The kicker here is they charged her 13$ a kid plus drinks and tip... UGGGGGGGGGGG she now knows better for next year. You guys had a great idea and I have a pizza party booked for next year already...