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  • Fun was had...

    I had a group of 10 to cater for last night and on the menu was the following:

    Starter: pork crackling as well as rosemary, rock salt & olive oil pizza.

    Main: wide range of pizzas ... and finished with a calzone with leftover bits for the following mornings breakfast.

    Sweets: ice creams on sticks (bought ones) ... ok I got lazy!!

    I made 2.5 kg dough in the TBird - adding a bit of protein enriched flour to my regular 11% pizza flour to get to 12%. It was the best dough that I have ever made. I even got leoparding on the crusts for the first time!! I believe the success may have had to do with my "reading" the dough i.e. adding water/flour to get to the right consistency. I used DOP San Marzanos and home made mozarella on the toppings.

    Overall very pleased with the results. I can't speak highly enough about using a decent, heavy duty mixer. For Aussie folk here - Neill has one for sale!!

    / Rossco

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    Re: Fun was had...

    Hey Rossco,
    how did you mix your pizza dough?
    Did you mix it in one hit or did you autolyse it?
    I am interested to find if there is in fact a difference in the end results.
    So, 2 1/2kg of dough in the mixer, a mere drop in the bottom for a 'good mixer' eh! Quick and easy in a single load. That would do me for 40 x 10" pizza bases.
    But let's see the KA's handle this quantity!

    Prevention is better than cure, - do it right the first time!

    The more I learn, the more I realise how little I know

    Neillís Pompeiii #1
    Neillís kitchen underway


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      Re: Fun was had...

      Hi Neill...

      I left it rather late on Saturday to start as I was making mozarella cheese and lost track of the time. Process as follows:

      1. mixed 2 types of flour to get 12% protein;

      2. put 75% of flour and other ingredients in the mixer and spun it for about 3 mins;

      3. autolyse for 20 mins;

      4. spun mixer for 5 minutes with soft battery dough, then started to add remaining flour;

      5. once all flour was added I topped up with extra water to get consistency right;

      6. hand kneaded for 2 mins then bulk dough rest 1.5 hrs;

      7. balled and stuck dough in fridge - removed it 2 hrs before cooking;

      It was nice and firm, slightly springly and formed very well. It lost a few minor points on taste (will use biga next time which should fix that).

      The mixer is the BEST addition to home pizza making after the WF oven itself!!!!!

      / Rossco