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Using LeCreusett lid as saute pan?

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  • Using LeCreusett lid as saute pan?

    Has anyone ever used the lid as a skillet? Had a brainstorm when I set the lid down and it balanced nicely. I replaced the usual plastic knob with a stainless steel ($14). Used it to cook the onions in olive oil for a rissotto then dumped them in the 3 quart oval pot along with rice and chicken broth.
    Cooked it along with shrimp on a cast iron griddle. Just pushed the pot to the back of the oven. Later after the shrimp where done, put in a rack of ribs and closed the door. Got the shrimp from Billy's Seafood in Gulf Shores AL.
    They will ship anywhere.

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    Re: Using LeCreusett lid as saute pan?

    HI Mike,

    Naw, we haven't used the lid as a pan... We have a few different cast iron skillets - mostly small - and use them often in the wood oven.. I'd be for ever tipping the thing over if it was only standing on the knob... and it's nice to have a handle...