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Duck Confit 1st Time

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  • Duck Confit 1st Time

    We started the process of making Duck Confit for my 50th B-day bash in a couple of weeks. The duck has to "ripen" for at least 2 weeks so I'm starting now.

    I used Jonathan Kellers "French Laundry Cookbook" (made him sign it last time I ate there) and it's similar to most you see on-line.

    I made a salt-herb mixture and rubbed the duck pieces in them then let them sit overnight in the fridge. 24 hours later, washed them off, dry well and left them overnight again in the fridge. The second pick in the yellow pan is rendering the duck fat I used to cover the duck in when I cooked them in 3 pots, in the oven 8 hours 225 deg. I didn't have enough duck fat so I augmented with left over rabbit-confit-oil I saved from a week ago and then olive oil. They say to use as much duck fat as possible, so I did.

    I'll post pixs later when I re-heat them, then crisp up the skin for final serving. The piece I ate after coming out the oven was HEAVENLY . It tasted as incredible as I'd ever hoped for. I'll probably serve it on lentils. This recipe will be a keeper.
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    Re: Duck Confit 1st Time

    Oh man that looks good!!


    PS I love the range! Like anything the tools help make things easier don't they!!