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Rootkit Scam Alert

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  • Rootkit Scam Alert

    I had a strange experience the other night.
    I went to buy a new TV over the net, and when I tried to pay for it with Paypal, a window popped up, asking for credit card number, D.O.B., ATM pin and other personal information. Somewhat confused, I cancelled out of there.
    (I've always made it a rule not put that info on the net. My Paypal is linked to a bank account I only ever top up with cash. None of my other accounts are even with the same bank.)
    It looked like a real Paypal page, too.
    So I decided to have a look on Ebay. When I logged on, presto, a similar page that looked like a real EBay page asked me to confirm my identity with credit card number, ATM pin, etc.
    So I didn't get anything off EBay either.
    A surf on the net shows that this is a scam that has been going on for some years. It's a rootkit, whatever that is.
    It got past my anti-virus, etc.
    4 different virus checkers later, I still hadn't found anything on my harddrive.
    I asked the IT boys at work, who shuddered and said, "Unless you know exactly what it's called, we can't help you."
    So, I did some more research and found MalwareBytes Anti-Rootkit. Its the beta version, so it is "use at own risk". It found 5 infections. I fixed all of them, now I can log-in to Ebay.
    Beware the root-kit, and whatever you do, don't fill that page in when it pops up.

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    Re: Rootkit Scam Alert

    Thanks for the alert. It always amazes me that these people who are obviously sharp, just don't go into the private sector and make 6 figures honestly. I put my motor home up for sale a while back and got slammed with a paypal scam. They kept bugging me for my paypal address so they could give me money. I finally got rid of them by telling them to deposit the money at eatshit@paypal.com - they went away...
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      Re: Rootkit Scam Alert

      Always a good idea to report it to PayPal:

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        Re: Rootkit Scam Alert

        Viruses are the main reason so many people have switched to Apple. They use a superior operating system that's harder for hackers to get into.
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          Re: Rootkit Scam Alert

          Bugger, I thought you were giving me a link to a root kit.......
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            Re: Rootkit Scam Alert

            Originally posted by brickie in oz View Post
            Bugger, I thought you were giving me a link to a root kit.......
            You'll need an air pump for one of those.
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