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OT. Time to come clean, apparently.

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  • OT. Time to come clean, apparently.

    G'day you bunch of mongrels: Jeff is back, with a name-change to 'teach'
    , eh.
    As I indicated above, this is Off Topic, (and possibly political): So to those who have Ovens in mind, go elsewhere. Tru.
    Just give me a little space,James, please.

    Fellers, the 'grape vine' told me that one of the Three Amigos from our old (small country) school was pretty crook with cancer eh; as in a week to trot.
    So what to do???
    Hahaha. Sit on me arse and play with me dick?
    No mate, eh, you go back (490 k, eh)and offer your hand to a dying buddy.
    Thing is, the last time Pete'n me saw each other was pre-embarcation leave in 1969. I was off to a civil war in some unknown place called Viet Nam.

    When I returned to Australia from America's war in Viet Nam, I finished a Science degree, with majors in Botany'n Entomology. ( So now I can differentiate between a gum tree 'n a bull ant. No shit: fair dinkum Buddy: trust me. Might take a while..............
    Would I lie?)
    didn't interact with other students. Never a screw in sight. (Sigh).

    The point of this mail is bloody pointless, eh.
    War is stupid. Pizza is good, eh.(Fired up the furnace tonight, first time in a week or so. Bliss.!!!
    You mob be gentle with each other.
    I stop.

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    Re: OT. Time to come clean, apparently.

    teach..............never heard a better reason for going AWOL.

    Seems that we are sometimes reminded of our fragility and how easy it is to lose touch. This was a major factor in my decision to try to grab a bit more of life.

    Sorry to hear about your mate.............and now you've got the problem that you've got a lot more on here............life aint fair.



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      Re: OT. Time to come clean, apparently.

      Hai. Gomen nasai. Condolences Jeff.
      Everyone makes mistakes. The trick is to make mistakes when nobody is looking.



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        Re: OT. Time to come clean, apparently.

        Thanks fellers.


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          Re: OT. Time to come clean, apparently.


          Stuff, nasty, comes down, comes to all of us at some point. Some of us are charmed, like Wendy, for a time, but it's still there, waiting. Then it arrives, with a vengeance. Such, my stalwart mate, is life. Hang in there. Stay safe, as a wise sage somewhere said sometime. Chin up, head high, mate. Orders from above. Deal with that, chum.

          "Made are tools, and born are hands"--William Blake, 1757-1827


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            Re: OT. Time to come clean, apparently.

            Life... Things happen. Then more things happen. And finally they stop happening. Even without war its not all nice.

            But then there are wonderfully constructive and creative things, like WFOs too (and I'm not just saying this). Hang in there Jeff.

            "Building a Brick oven is the most fun anyone can have by themselves." (Terry Pratchett... slightly amended)



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              Re: OT. Time to come clean, apparently.

              <raises glass in the air>.....here here pizza is good........and so are ya mates
              cheers Jeff

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