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FB Board Warped and Springy

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  • FB Board Warped and Springy

    Installing my Premio2G100 and when I lay the FB board it is warped and has a bit of a spring to it. I thought setting the oven on would help to get it to lay flat, bit it didn't.

    I layed the FB board, bedded with 3/8" of sand and set the floor as best as possible considering the FB board was so out of whack. Then after I set the oven I let it sit for a day. I then filled what I had for cracks with sand and tried to set the oven floor level with a rubber mallet and more sand where needed, but it won't level up.

    When I push down on the side of the FB board I can actually see it move and the oven flexes with it.

    Has anyone had this issue? I'm hoping not to have to pull the oven off (no mortar yet) and really hoping not to have to go back and pour vermiculite.

    Any help would be appreciated and paid back to the next member that needs help.

    Thanks! Bob

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    Re: FB Board Warped and Springy

    I'm aware that firing the board in a kiln can make it warp, but I haven't seen it in person. If it got wet and had weight placed on it, I can see how that might warp it. I would call FB and tell them you got a gimpy lot and try yo get a replacement. The other option is to weight the board and see if it relaxes.


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      Re: FB Board Warped and Springy

      Thanks azatty. It was never wet, but you could see the warp. When I first set the FB board and floor I set blocks on it for the first 2 days (ran out of time to work on it), but it didn't seem to make a difference.

      I worked sand in between the floor plates and around the sides and spent some time just trying to work it level. It have it fairly close and I'm hoping that the floor will loosten a little after it fires and we'll see where it levels out to.

      Still open to any suggestions - I'm probably out of working time for a few days....


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        Re: FB Board Warped and Springy

        I am using FB board and have the same experience as you. I contacted FB support regarding this and they advised to use sand/fireclay mix and level. I am using the board, but i am building a pompeii oven, which would be heavier i would think. I did have some warp at the edge, maybe 3/16" in a couple of places. After i set my floor and started the dome it has settled. I have a layer of vermicrete and then the FB board, so i really leveled it twice kinda; on the top and bottom. I think it will settle, but since you purchased an oven from FB, i would call support. They are quick to respond. HTH
        Texman Kitchen


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          Re: FB Board Warped and Springy

          Thanks - I guess a call in to support would be in order before I move forward. Bob