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    I need to replace everything from the water supply valve on up on the toilet. I hadn't bothered before now because we were still trying to get the septic tank dealt with - and having the toilet shut off meant I couldn't accidentally over flow the bowl.

    Well, one pumping, four weeks trying and failing to get a repair estimate, one repairman's evaluation (different contractor - if you're ever in need of septic repair in Alabama I know just the guy you need!) and a plumber later and the bowl flushes properly - on a side note, a shirt is not an adequate substitute for a seal between the pipe and the septic tank Click image for larger version

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ID:	312658. So now it's time to repair the rest of the toilet.

    Okay, I read all the directions and I think I can do this (it's a girl thing - we are genetically programmed to read the instructions). but it has been really, really cold down here and will be pretty cold the rest of the week (it snowed! It is not supposed to snow in Alabama!!!) so I'm wondering if it would be best to wait until it's warmer. All the parts I'm working on are in the house but I'm going to be replacing the water supply valve which is just barely in the house (stupid wannabe plumber stuck the thing almost into the subfloor. Well, at least this one turns ) which worries me some.

    Whatta you guys think? Wait for warmer weather or go for it?
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    Re: Plumbing Question

    Go for it!!!
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      Re: Plumbing Question

      Have at it. I am currently replacing the floor, subfloor, toilet and water damaged joists in the only bathroom in my house. The outside temp is about 34 degrees so the cold air under the house encourages me to work quickly. That and the fact I have to remount the toilet every 3 or 4 hours so it can be used. The job is really pretty simple. Just tiresome.

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        Re: Plumbing Question

        I thought I was the only one doing bathroom remodeling...I think you'll be OK Archena...I cut a hole in a bedroom wall to take out the original bathtub in our house...tore out 1 inch thick cement walls that were screeded on like stucco...replaced all the tile(walls and floor)...tomorrow finish up tiling then grouting...then new vanity, sink and toilet install...Oh by the way I recommend get the taller toilet...even if you are shorter the extra 2 inches is great on the knees...well maybe not a good idea if you have very young children though
        Good luck everyone!
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