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  • Originally posted by Ken524 View Post
    Re: My Old Kentucky Dome

    Fri, Sat, Sun progress:

    Started by first mortaring the sides of the entry arch and a soldier brick on each side. Then started slapping soldiers into place.

    The only thing I'm doing differently (at least I haven't read it anywhere) is that I'm placing a thin strip of flattened corrugated cardboard cut from a box between the soldier course and the edge of the floor bricks. This is so I get a nice clean gap for thermal expansion.

    My first attempt with the cardboard strip was wide enough to stick out so it could be removed (it can be seen in the interior pictures). I soon discovered it got in the way of my trowel and sponge. My strips are now narrow enough that they can't be seen or removed. Once the oven floor goes above 500F the first time, the strips will burn away (So that's why the pizza tastes like cardboard!).

    Although my soldiers were all trimmed for a fairly snug fit, I got in a hurry yesterday and set two of them twisted slightly out of alignment. I discovered it too late and had to compensate with a couple of fat, ugly joints (overhead picture, 3 o'clock position). Oh well. When it's all done, I'll be the only one that knows. Message to self: "Slow down, have fun... slow down, have fun."
    Hi Ken, very impressive build you have and I'm sure your very proud of it. I just started forming my dome and have a question for you since our builds will be very similar. I also started with full length soldiers and was wondering if you had considered the need for buttressing your soldier course? Im trying to get a general idea of what members recommend as far as buttressing the soldier course.


    • Hi Ivan,

      I didn't buttress the soldier course. Dome is now 8 years old and still looks like new. I wouldn't change a thing. Good luck with your build!!

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      • G'day
        I'll secound that only 6 years old no problems with soldier course either.
        I think we forget we are building a small structure here not a full size building.
        Regards dave
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        • Lots of ways to skin the cat, we have two old timers with builds with no buttressing that have not failed and there may be some out there that did fail (probably not going to admit it). One just needs to look at their oven design and decide what works best for them, do they have the room, and what are the trade offs, etc. IMHO, as for structure forces, it is relative the amount of force placed on the design rather than size, ie a small poorly constructed or design structure may need more buttressing than a large well designed structure (that's the engineering in me). Ultimately we want everyone to succeed with their build
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          • Ken I love your build! What are the dimensions of your foundation pad? I'm trying to decide if I will put extra concrete to stand on. later I'm planning a patio around the oven. Just can't decide which one I like yet. Thanks! -John


            • Ken,
              Getting inspired from your design and craft, beautiful.