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New Sydney Sandstone and Brick Dome Oven

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    Originally posted by Matt Taylor View Post
    Hi tim what size was your oven stand as I'm looking at building this size as well in a corner. Also what plans did you follow? Looks great btw
    Hey Matt,

    I did 1800mm x 1800mm outside walls and the returns were 1000mm each with the front face being 1130mm wide (give or take a bit with the rough sandstone edges). I basically followed the top right layout here ... https://www.sydneyfirebricks.net.au/...ifications.pdf

    Height wise, it was around 1050 high from the top of the bottom slab to the top of the top one, so the cooking surface ended up around 1150mm high.


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      Thanks Tim,
      Did you purchase a kit from this place as well or did you design it from ground up?


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        Mate thatís an oven! Love the the arch, itís the same design Iím using. Iím going to reference your photos as I progress.
        Looking at your hearth it appears you havenít put an insulation layer down first, are you relying on the two layers of slabs to hold the heat ?

        Vince Ieraci

        This is rocket science.