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42 oven build. Aussie in New Mexico

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  • 42 oven build. Aussie in New Mexico

    hello all, excited to be posting and sharing my build. Will be a 42 dome oven. Each weekend making progress, slow and steady. Ive told my wife if I can have the project finished by Halloween Ill be happy! Certainly the largest build undertaking Ive done but has been a bucket list item for 5 years now.

    I am intimidated by by the amount of concrete I need to make for the base(!). Im tempted to rent a mixer and invite friends over- I need 32 bags of 80lbs. Bit of work. Completed so far the subgrade prep and form. Managed to use items from the house but had to buy the rebar from Lowes. I estimated build cost of $1,500 with some contingency built in and looking to save wherever possible.

    I have have a general question- has anyone used kiln bricks for their base and dome? While shopping on the weekend at a clay pottery here they gave me a tour and had a few stacks of kiln bricks from their old furnace. Im tempted to make them an offer but need to check if theyll be suitable?

    link to photos will be in my email signature below- hopefully it works.

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    Welcome to the Forum, $1500 is doable with a lot of re-purposing and scavenging of materials but it is on the low end of the scale. You may have to consider vermiculite or perlitie/concrete floor and dome insulation since ceramic fiber is costly. Depending on what type of kiln bricks you are talking about, if they are insulating fire bricks (ISB - very light), then they are not suitable for the dome or floor but could be used as insulation under the floor bricks if the price is right. Problem with used bricks were they used for and type of material that was processed in the kiln. IMHO, a stoneware pottery kiln should be okay, an earthenware pottery kiln my be different because at one time lead was used in earthenware glazes but that was a long time ago. You will not be able to post pics until your post is approved, which I just did. Good luck.
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