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Oregon 46" Neapolitan Wood Fired Oven Build

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  • Oregon 46" Neapolitan Wood Fired Oven Build


    This is my first post on the Forno Bravo Forum. I'd like to share my oven build. I started in December 2018 (I know, not a great idea but I was too impatient to wait for warmer weather). There is a link in this post to a time lapse of pouring the foundation. I have almost no experience with concrete and little experience with construction in general so go easy on me

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    Hi Charles,

    I stumbled across your post. Starting a project like this is always a challenge, but January in Oregon adds another dimension. But I understand your impatience.

    I'm not an expert on this Forum, but you'll see more traffic on the Pompeii Oven Forum. Check out the link:


    I'm looking forward to following your build.



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      Hi Cory,

      Thanks for the advice and for checking out my thread!

      After we poured the concrete we made a double-layered tent out of a canopy and tarps and put an electric space heated in there. That kept the slab plenty warm for a few days. You can see I put plastic over the slab to keep in moisture, but I think I should have waited until the surface set a bit before putting the plastic down. The surface finish is rough and I think its because we immediately put the plastic down.

      Here's my next video. Its 3 minutes and not alot happens but I'm too lazy to edit right now Eventually I will edit these all together. Its just me uncovering the foundation and dry stacking the cinder blocks. Since the foundation was a bit rough in some parts, I used a little mortar to make a couple of the blocks sit a little better.