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Finished oven in Maputo

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  • Finished oven in Maputo

    Hi, after months of work and patience here is my wood fired oven. Have been very difficult to find good materials, must go to South Africa. Found a good guy that imports refractory bricks from Portugal to build commercial ovens, so I bought bricks, refractory cement and fire clay from him.
    Viewed lots of You Tube videos and other documentation to get advises from and also from this forum. Thanks to all that shared their expertise on the subject.

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    .... more pictures ....


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      Good looking oven and a good way of using of a template to round the sand mold. In the first pic above, it appears that the oven dome is sitting directly on the concrete hearth. If so ,and the vecrete under the floor hasn't properly dried, is probably why the floor isn't getting hot enough to burn off stains (re Black stains on the oven floor).
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        Hi Gulf,
        I have first created a vermiculite and refractory cement floor, 7 cm tick. I remember that when I started to put bricks for the oven floor it was very hard and dry. the oven floor lays only on the vercrete base. Then, I started the first soldier row on top of the oven floor, so there is no contact with the concrete hearth as you can see from these other pictures.