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40" Brick Pizza oven, summer kitchen - Slovenia

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  • 40" Brick Pizza oven, summer kitchen - Slovenia


    Im fresh member of Forno Bravo community, who read probably the whole forum before registration. Want to say hello from Slovenia, and intruduce my quite a big project of summer kitchen.

    We started on march 2020 and we are on the half way. Work now need to wait because temperatures are too low. I will upload a step by step pictures all up to the end result, witch I hope will be soon haha

    We had to level up the ground in front of our house so first step was to build a retaining wall.

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    H Klemen 161,

    Welcome to the forum. I'm looking forward to the build.
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      Good morning,

      I need it to wait for vertification of the topic. So the next step was to built a concrete base plate for al the kitchen witch will include little sink, pizza oven and roastery. We did a little landscaping too.

      After that we waited some time before finaly started to layer a first brick for the oven stand. I insolated the transition betwen the plate and bricks.


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        This whole project is build with a help of my dad & friends (its not the guy on the picture), we have a same pasion of cooking food and roasting. When we finaly started to see a little progres on the project, we felt huge enthusiasm.
        Next step was to finish the oven stand and pure the concrete counter. I used white concrete because the plan is to polish all the visible surfaces to be smooth like marble.


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          .. and finnaly the time came for the brick oven. The heart is from 10cm (4") siporex (i know i could choose better material) , floors from fireclay brick and dome from old red brick cut on 13cm (5,1") because of the limited space i had.

          So the bottom of the brick oven is made of:

          4" concrete counter
          4" siporex
          1,2" flint stand
          2,4" fireclay brick

          The dome form is made of wood..

          O yeah, and in the middle of time, I got a roof over the whole kitchen haha


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            Okay, for the next steps I apologise in advence because its not build so nice like some ovens. I had a brick cutter but didnt have option to cut on angles and the brick were sooo hard, result to that is little more gaps from the outside of the


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              Next step was outer dome for doors, chimney and insulation. I manage to install only one layer of vermiculite insulation because low temperatures came too early haha. I will do it in the spring.

              The plan of the dome layers are:

              ​​​​​13cm (5,1") old bricks
              1,2cm (0,5") ceramic wool
              6-8 cm (2,4") vermiculite concrete

              Yes, maybe I have too little of insulation but for now its doing okay. I wish I would buy 1" of ceramic wool, but the salesman convinced me to use this one.

              Base of the diagram I will post in pictures the oven is doing okay. (i have only half of the vermiculite insulation for now.)

              My temperatures measured with laser thermometer:
              Inside temperature floors 350C (660F)
              Inside temperature dome 450C (840F)
              ​​​Outside dome temperature ~ 35C - 40c (95F - 104F)
              ​​​Because of the winter, I expect higher temperatures in summer..

              Chimney is insulated INOX inner size 18cm (7") about 150cm (59") long. Doing perfect job.

              ​​​​​​Thats all i have done this year. Need to finish the details of the oven, build the roastery, finish the counter and all the other details around the kitchen. We are already using the oven. I couldnt wait until spring...

              Because im lazy, i cured an oven with gas..

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                Last step this year. Chimney, and baking some pizzas.
                ​​​I hope u will like the build so far. More comming in the spring/summer. I know its not professional build but it works, thats all it matter to us.

                Outer dome cracked a little, but I will fix it in the spring.


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                  That looks lovely. I'm sure the arch should fix up easily.
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