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"Mountain Mama" 34 inch Pompeii Build in WV

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  • "Mountain Mama" 34 inch Pompeii Build in WV

    I just Completed "Mountain Mama"
    5 months total build in backyard, rough patio to paved, foundation, then for the last 2.5 months it has been the oven and last 2 weeks curing and finishing.
    I still have final touches to do all around the structure, but she is fully operational and can reach 700+ degrees and has turned white on the interior brick.
    I have two small hairline cracks in the dome on each side of the hearth half way up the dome. They are small and only become visible when the oven reaches + 500F/260C.

    Click image for larger version

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ID:	443047 Questions - Should I be concerned?
    Will the oven sealant i am going to apply before exterior paint help with this being visible? ( i know hairline cracks are common)
    there are two layers of chicken wire with 2.5+ inches of concrete for the dome.

    Recommendations on sealants and exterior paints?
    I have a 3 layer stucco with a homebrew mixed base coat, then scratch and brown, then Final coat stucco.

    The doors are made of a hardwood plywood base and sheet metal shell for exterior ( the side towards heat) and ceramic fire blanket in between for insulation.
    Oven interior dome Door has 2" Exterior door has 3.
    The Handles are Made of Apple Wood and I plan to paint and seal the plywood with a heat resistant paint.

    It works and it works Well Click image for larger version

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ID:	443049 I just have to learn how to cook with it Get it sealed before winter.
    These things are amazing

    I think this will work for a link to my google album of the whole build. This became more of an art project that just kinda went wild...Started as a grill... Now this. I have a lil more work to do next summer, but I am Very Happy with how this all turned out so far : )

    110 new photos Album by R P
    A Link to my Pompeii Build - " Mountain Mamma" "