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Pizza Oven Refactory Materials

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  • Pizza Oven Refactory Materials

    Intresting design of pizza oven

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    Re: Pizza Oven Refactory Materials

    Hi diy and welcome to the forum
    when you say "Interesting design of pizza oven", are you referring to the Pompeii or are you referring to another oven that you maybe forgot to link a picture of?
    There are a number of different designs but each have their own characteristic and cooking speciality. The Pompeii is just a great all round cooking, entertaining, workhorse that every home should have.

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      Re: Pizza Oven Refactory Materials

      You should look for www.vitcas.com on this website you can find intersting shape of pizza oven and other refractory products like refractory mortar , fire cement for other application also refractory castable for home furnance.
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        Re: Pizza Oven Refactory Materials

        Hey diy, welcome.

        Can you supply the Pompeii oven? Be great to see some of your products. Got a direct link to your website's mortars, cements etc.?

        btw, did you mean 'furnace'? I'm pretty new to this and I don't hear of this before.


        P de D


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          Re: Pizza Oven Refactory Materials

          Every one of this guy's posts is an ad. If he weren't potentially on topic, I'd ban him as a spammer.
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            Re: Pizza Oven Refactory Materials

            This guy took the subtle approach...only starting one thread of his own (which consisted of a meaningless, one line comment); this got his "foot in the door" to attach his link in ads on threads that pertain to refractory materials (which he is peddling).

            My vote is for the boot...if he posts another ad.