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Portable Forno Bravo in Boulder

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  • Portable Forno Bravo in Boulder

    Here is a series of photos from The Fire Within, our dealer in Boulder, CO. They just did a 3-day Memorial Day weekend festival with a Premio100 oven (custom vent and landing) installed on a trailer. The oven cranked out 1200 pizzas in three days (a sustained rate of 30 per hour the whole time). I wish I had been there to see it. From all reports they were the best caterers at the festival and there was a line the whole time.

    I think the wood-fired catering marketing is going to take off.

    Fio, this comes right on the heels of your seeing the portable Forno Bravo in Update NY. Cool.

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    Trailer Pizza


    This is very, very cool and appeals to my marketing sense. Is there any way I can get hold of some plans on the portable oven? Just so happens a friend of mine is in the trailer business. Of course, I'd need an oven, too.

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      I could see this as the perfect extension to your bakery. Pizza, focaccia and hearth bread where you want it; when you want it. Just-in-time pizza. I get the sense that you would be good at it -- and it would definitely get you out of the house.

      Joseph said that experience event caterers were coming up to him saying that they've been doing this for 15+ years, and that the wood-fired oven was the best thing they've seen in years. The Fire Within is close to fully booked for the near-term, and they have a good list of events contacting them.

      We are still deciding how we are going to handle the plans for the trailer -- and the things you need to do to keep the oven attached to the trailer, the dome structurally secure, etc. We can talk off-line about that.

      If anyone is thinking about a trailer oven, you can contact me directly.

      Pretty cool.....

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        More Mobile Forno Bravo's Coming Soon.

        Hi all,
        Here are some details of this trailer:
        I designed this trailer to hold a 60" pizza table off the front end during transport. Ramps are then attached to the side of the trailer to wheel the table off. I used BAL rear stablizer legs off the back end for leveling and stability. The Gable house gives it a more warm/homey feeling.
        We use 2 other pieces of equipment aside from the pizza table at our events.The events I'm booking are ranging from Corporate to Private.

        I'll be downloading some other images of this trailer at a future date.
        Currently I'm in production of a streamlined version of the trailer that is specifically engineered to hold a Forno Bravo on it. I've omitted the additional space for the table. It will soon be available to the public (August delivery). You can contact me or James directly to discuss your needs or to see production illustrations.



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          Pizza to Come

          James, Joseph,

          Bring it on. I'd be really, really interested in the trailer borne pizza idea. Pics would be good, plans would be good or "all good" as they say here in the country.

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            $3 each


            "Everything should be made as simple as possible, ...
            but no simpler!" (Albert Einstein)


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              Well done. Looks like you'll get a very good seal with what you've done. Don't forget the garden sprayer for lots of steam. When can we expect pics of your first breads?

              "Made are tools, and born are hands"--William Blake, 1757-1827


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                70 + pizzas an hour at the Cherry Creek Arts Fest in Denver

                Here's our set up at this past weekend's Cherry Creek Arts Fest. We offered 4 pizza combinations and sold out on our third day! We are half way through the production version of a mobile Forno Bravo on a single axel trailer. Stay posted for completed images or contact us directly at for more information.
                Enjoy thin crust and rich wine,


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                  Sold out in Carbondale CO

                  Hello everyone,
                  This past weekend we set up at the 28th annual Carbondale Mountain Fest.
                  30,000 people visited the downtown park located just south of Aspen. For 3 days we baked our pizzas and by the begining of the 3rd day we were sold out! Also here is a sneak peak at our Mobile Pizza Oven Catering Model that we are currently taking orders on. For inquires contact us at


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                    mobile oven

                    So many questions. How do you manage wood burning during the events? Are you using prebaked dough? How many people does it take to keep it running? How much is the finished unit?
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                      Another sneak peak at the Mobile Forno Bravo

                      Hi Pizza lovers,
                      This fine mobile pizza oven was delivered to a caterer in SF, Ca earlier this month. Total weight of the trailer is 2750lbs! You can add another 1000lbs of weight in the cabinets underneath.
                      What makes this trailer so special is that the GWR has been calculated by engineers to ensure a safer ride than what can only be guessed otherwise. Also included are electronic brakes, a torsion susupension axel and stablizer legs. We've gone to extremes to produce the safest trailer on the market -not to mention we only use Forno Bravo ovens =Safety and Performance.
                      Feel free to contact us as we are compiling all the specs and options that will be available. We have a second model that is in the design stages as well.
                      Share the joy.


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                        A Taste of Colorado (1000 Pizza's)

                        Hi Everyone,
                        After 2 days of rest following this past weekends A Taste of Colorado festival in downtown Denver I am pleased to share the news that Forno Bravo ovens can produce an amazing amount of pizza's in a day's worth of work. On Sunday alone we cooked 1000 pizza's!!! The line in front of our booth never ended. We started at 11 and went till 9 and we did it with only 4 people in our booth!
                        We are currently working on our website that will show you the 2 models of mobile Forno Bravo ovens on Trailers. There you can see for yourself how to make the catering and concession pizza making business work for you!
                        Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have,
                        Till next time,

                        PS: Which do you think is the more popular pizza?
                        Pepperoni? or Cheese?
                        Find out in my next Posting....


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                          you should have a poll.

                          I will guess cheese.
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                            Coming soon

                            Hello wood fired pizza lovers!
                            For all of you that have expressed interest in a portable Forno Bravo we are happy to annouce that we will be offically launching our website within the next few weeks. It will contain information regarding the two models we will be offering in 2007 along with information on how to start your own portable wood fired oven business.

                            A brief summary for those who can't wait:
                            Our two models are The Caterer and The Concessionaire.
                            Either of the two will be available with a Traditional Igloo or Gabble House oven finish. The trailer will be offered either with a wood paneled or custom painted exterior.

                            Feel free to keep the questions coming,

                            Pepperoni 40%
                            Cheese 60%


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                              Re: Portable Forno Bravo in Boulder

                              Looks fantastic. I would be interested in hearing more about any logistical issues you had with the portable oven...prep...set-up...execution, etc.