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    Re: Viewing Images

    Scott, I can see that one with Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

    What if you refresh the page?
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      Re: Viewing Images

      I can see them now. I refreshed earlier. Not sure why they didn't work.

      Thanks again!
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        Re: Viewing Images

        I'm still seeing mixed operation. Some of the "Attached Thumbnails" on the Dino thread I mentioned above still don't work. That may be because he sourced them from Picasa... Later pages in the thread do show properly for whatever reason. (maybe my firewalls, or even ISP's are caching the front page beyond my browser's ability to refresh through squid-cache or something)

        The BA's Dome thread seems to work for me, but I also checked Dave's Pics of Progress, , and was not able to see the attached thumbnails on the first page, but was on the later pages.

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          Re: Viewing Images

          The more closely I look, the more likely I think something between your servers and my client is caching.
          One of the pages I had open on my browser for some time, I think it was page 8 of twenty in a thread, wasn't displaying properly no matter how I refreshed, or which browser I used. But displaying page 7 or 9 both showed the attached thumbnails properly.
          Patience may be necessary now to purge the higher level caches out there that our browsers don't have access to forcing.