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Ready to Role Up My Sleeves

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    Re: Ready to Role Up My Sleeves

    Way to go Sharon,

    You are a great role model. Posting photos is easy. In the Options section under Post New Thread, there is Attachment Management. You just browse to find the file you want to post, and click Upload. The only thing to worry about is that the photos have to be less than 100K each. You can use just about any photo application to save them to a smaller size if they are too large.

    On the Hardibaker -- my experience is that you can stucco directly on it, and that there is a paint on product that will help the stucco adhere.

    What do our masonry experts have to say on that?

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      Re: Ready to Role Up My Sleeves

      Originally posted by swripley View Post
      Looking forward, I do have one question. I am planning to enclose with HardiBacker and stucco. Will the stucco stick directly to the HardiBacker or will I need to use wire mesh?

      I also used concrete board and stucco - it will stick directly to the concrete board, but if I were doing it again I think I would have used a wire mesh. I'm sure it depends on the stucco product you use (most use a commercial product, I used a scratch coat of cement, lime and sand, then a finish coat of white sand and lime), but getting my scratch coat to stick was a bit of a pain.

      Congratulations on your progress


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        Consider wetting the HardiBacker & add Acrylic Bonder

        (M) In addition to the wire that maver suggested, consider spraying the HardiBacker with water just before stucco-ing so the backer board doesn't draw too much water out of your stucco. As added insurance consider using and Ad-Mix (liquid acrylic bonder - fortifier). It will make your mix even stickier.

        (M) Good luck.


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