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  • asudavew
    Re: New Bread Oven

    Welcome aboard.

    I am sure we would all enjoy pictures of your oven!

    And don't worry about not getting here sooner, you've made it here now!
    And there is still plenty to learn about firing and running your oven, and bread making, and baking, and cooking, and firewood, ... well... loads of things. And you can learn much about ALL of those things right here.
    Tons of reading!

    We're glad to have you.


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  • Loren
    started a topic New Bread Oven

    New Bread Oven

    I have just finished building my bread oven and found this site via I sure whish I knew about this list and the Forum before I began work on the oven. In 2004 I started investigating the building of an oven and the only site I found was Brian's brick oven page. Since then there have been a lot of great sites that have come out, there is much more information out now than I could find years ago.

    I built an Allan Scott style oven and fired it up last weekend for the first time. I have a lot to learn and this site has a tremendous amount of information including the link to the bread classes given in Sonoma next March by Peter Reinhart, unfortunately they are already full.

    It is amazing that I have been to this site many times and only thought you sold pre fab ovens. I could kick myself for not finding this forum earlier, hindsight is 20/20. I am in search of some good tools to use for making pizza so I will check the tool section.

    I had a look at the Pompeii oven and the brick work is something else!

    Thanks for the great site.