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    Thanks Russell,

    However viewing my build thread is useless at the moment. That is due to Photobucket trying to extort money out of long time users and forums who used their (once upon a a time) "free" photo sharing site. The Picassa link to my web album is still viewable. Scattered in it are pics of the scissor truss roof construction during the build.


    Here a few pics. I too love the look of the igloo style. I live in a subtropical climate with plenty of rain throughout the year. Many times, that rain is blowing sideways. I went with a scissor truss type roof over my oven. The scissor truss allows the eaves of the roof to be lower on the sides which guards against the sideways blowing rain. The middle is raised to accommodate the igloo. Projecting the gable out over the front allows me to work the oven year round. Last winter, I fired the oven during a freezing rain just in case the electrical power went out. There are simpler roofs to put over the oven. The scissor truss, just seems to be the best adapted to the wfo for my neck of the woods. It may look difficult to build, but it is really not.

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      Originally posted by UtahBeehiver View Post
      It is a common problem with Igloos and some of the remedies are too late for you, ie raising the CF board off the hearth so water migrating in from the hearth cannot come in direct contact with the CF board which is very water absorbant.. On option you may have is to drill a couple weep holes from the bottom of the hearth for water drainage. Since you cut your CF board long I assumed you were originally going to enclose the oven. Another option is to place a roof over the oven but the side open. Look at Gulf's Miss Queen. It is a timber frame roof over a brick veneer clad oven, very nice.
      I was thinking of raising the cf boards, but I was to eager to get on with the building :-) As for cutting the cf boards, they came i sizes 50x100 cm, so I didn't do alot of cutting. Figured I'd do the fine cutting later. I can drill some holes and also cut a small trench around the hearth, but I guess the problem isn't loose water, but the way concrete works as a sponge On the right side of the oven I'm planning on making a working bench, guess I could use one of those floating membranes, and then add some new concrete. That way water wont flow from the working bench towards the oven.

      I have had a look a Gulf's Miss Queen. Impressive! I guess a roof over a igloo style will keep most of the water away. But still havn't decided :-)
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        Finished the dome today! Had to use some "cheating" sticks to keep the bricks from sagging downwards the last 3 rows. Guess I should have started using them a bit earlier, as row 6 and 7 have slipped some millimeters inwards, and ta bothers me a bit now :-) (I know, pizza will taste just as well, and I'm the only one who notices! Now on to building the vent!


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          Congrats, should not of mentioned the slips, we would have not notice.....LOL..This is where patience is needed. I have seen many builders want to hurry and finish cure too quickly. Take you time.
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