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Hello from Oregon

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  • Hello from Oregon


    I've been pondering an outdoor brick oven for several years and hoping to start construction this fall. Just gathering info at this point.



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    Welcome to the club, Jason.

    I put off starting mine for years due to other things on the "to do" list. I was so happy when I was finally able to start. It's an enjoyable project to undertake and build.

    Best, Mongo

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      You have a great resource just down the road from you. SableSprings (aka Mike) lives in Roseburg. Also, for some of the more documented builds use this link.


      I also suggest you get the eplans from Forno Bravo, it is a great baseline for designing an oven and is only $2-3 bucks suggested cost to cover admin. cost. It is a little dated but will get you started along with the forum members.
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        Welcome Jason! Where are you in Oregon? (spfd - Springfield?) We've got a builder (ASPLM) in Portland and I'm down I-5 in Roseburg. Just throw those questions out and we'll try to answer them. As Russell noted above, there's an excellent post he linked that has quite a few fabulous (and well documented) builds. Do spend time looking at least some of them to try and narrow down what you are going to want, be able to use, be able to "fit" on your property, and what kind of investment (time & money) you are willing to consider.

        For our climate, I really would suggest that you seriously consider putting your oven in a screened enclosure so you can have a pizza party outside but not in the rain (or with the added guests...yellow jackets & mosquitoes ). We have such a good climate that using a sheltered WFO year-round here is pretty realistic.

        Again, just let us know how we can help...lots of experience and helpful advice available here.
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          Welcome! Iím certainly no expert, but Iíve been through all the hemming and hawing. I started thinking Iíd build my own from brick and ended up with a much more realistic decision to buy the Casa 90. So far itís great!

          If you have any questions, hit me up and Iíll do my best to help.