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Low-mid mass stainless dome pizza oven build

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  • Low-mid mass stainless dome pizza oven build

    Thank you for the add!
    I’m just at the very beginning as you can see of building a low-medium mass pizza oven. The interior dome (tank head) is 316L 10 gauge stainless, 36 inches (914mm) inside DIA., the exterior dome (brew kettle head) is 304 12 gauge 48 inch (1220mm. I found them for a really good price considering. I have 35 years experience in stainless design and build in the brewery, food, and pharmaceutical industries. Thinking of building it similar to a traditional oven from a dimensions standpoint. Offset flue from arch to center exit. 1.5 inch brick floor over ceramic board, concrete base. I have a friend that built a beautiful wood fire brick oven. My goal is to be a dual fuel, natural gas/wood fire. Ideally I would like to be able to be able to make Neapolitan style pizza. I’m bouncing around the idea of lining the exterior of the interior dome with 1 inch dry-stacked brick for some heat retention but still be able to gas fire to temp in an hour or 2. A bit experimental I know…….anybody having experience in thermodynamics? Not my area of expertise!
    I haven’t seen any domed full stainless pizza ovens, I’m hoping this isn’t a fool’s errand! Any help or design approach is appreciated.

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    Very pretty! I have no idea how well it will work or not, but I do like the look of it!
    My 42" build:
    My oven drawings: My oven drawings - Forno Bravo Forum: The Wood-Fired Oven Community


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      Slowly moving forward!