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Ash instead of Vermiculite

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  • Ash instead of Vermiculite

    We use our wood burning stove at home quite a bit, and so now I have a large stockpile of regular ash made from burning wood. I am about to insulate around my dome, and I was going to use vermiculite, however, since I have all this ash I was thinking of using it to save money. Recommended?

    Also, is it possible to mix ash with the heat resistant mortar?

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    Re: Ash instead of Vermiculite

    Vermiculite is pretty cheap. Ash may work, I don't know, but I wouldn't cut corners on the insulation. You are only going to need 2-3 bags.
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      Re: Ash instead of Vermiculite

      Throw the ashes on the garden and mix in or on the compost heap.

      You need lots of entrapped air to make insulation work properly, ash will compact.
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