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Floor/soldier interface

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  • Floor/soldier interface

    Been lurking for years on the forum and have finally started my build with the stand completed. I started using the spread sheet and IT (thank you for those valuable tools) for my trial run with brick cuts. My dome will be a 36".
    Should the soldier course be mortared to the floor or should it "float." To my way of thinking there is an expansion factor of floor verses dome that may lead to cracking at that joint. My soldier course will be directly on top of the floor ( soldiers will be lying flat and not standing - 2 1/2" vs 4 1/2" as the spread sheet suggests).
    Being new to all of this, any suggestions or corrections will be appreciated.....Jinxy

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    Re: Floor/soldier interface


    From your description, your first course are not soldiers but rather headers (1/2 header if you are cutting the bricks in half). Calling them soldiers will start a lively discussion on what is a soldier vs header vs stretcher, etc. To get you off on the right foot here is a diagram of brick orientations. But that being said, IMHO, let the first course float and not mortar to floor. Good luck.
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      Re: Floor/soldier interface

      Originally posted by jinxy View Post
      ( soldiers will be lying flat and not standing - 2 1/2" vs 4 1/2" as the spread sheet suggests).
      Then they aint soldiers, soldiers are standing up at 9" or there abouts.
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        Re: Floor/soldier interface


        Thanks for the response. It was very helpful. Does one of the other base configurations have an advantage over the other? Sailor vs. Sailor vs. Header?


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          Re: Floor/soldier interface

          Agree - let them 'float'. But trust me, by the time you have 1200 pounds of firebrick on top of them there is not much floating going on!


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            Re: Floor/soldier interface

            Thank you to all for the information. Boarwarrior......I see that you are from Santa Rosa. Are you familiar with the Bottle Barn? Great wine selections. Love the Bodega Bay and Fort Bragg areas. Used to visit that part of the country................Jinxy


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              Re: Floor/soldier interface

              Absolutely I am familiar with the Bottle Barn! Although according to the local tourist wine map there are 14 wineries within 2 miles of my house! We just spent last weekend at Dillon Beach between Bodega Bay and Tomales Bay - beautiful coastline!

              Welcome to the forum and good luck with the build!