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thickness of hearth

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  • thickness of hearth

    What is the general opinion of a 2 1/2 inch hearth placed on a steel base. I want to build a 32 inch oven would this be sturdy enough?

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    As long as the base has been properly braced i would think you should be just fine. Most of the weight is around the outside edge of the oven. There have been several ovens built this way.


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      As long as you insulate properly between the hearth and the oven floor so hearth is protected from oven heat. David S showed how "hebel" which is a aerated concrete did not last as expected but I also believe he was using it as insulation as well.
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        Yes you for sure need to insulate . I should have also said so but just took it for granted you knew that. I believe forno bravo sells steel stands for their ovens to sit on. You just need to make sure it wont flex or bend under load.


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          Well that answers my question thanks I'm getting close to starting my build I 've been planning for about a year. I'm making a stand out of 2x2 tube steel with 4 piers buried 30 inches or so, should be strong enough to hold the weight I'm thinking about 600 lbs.