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What do I use to cover dome - final layer?

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  • What do I use to cover dome - final layer?

    Total noob question.
    What options do I have to cover the chicken wire and insulation blanket?

    Thanks in advance.

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    So as I didn't hear, I went ahead an bought heat stop. Is that overkill with a blanket in place? Was certainly expensive!


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      I would say it depend on what you used for insulation, my ovens use 4 of ceramic blanket and are covered with a 4-1 sand cement mix.
      The outside of the domes are rarely above ambient temperature.


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        I put the wire over the blanket and then covered it all with about inch mortar. After that I applied a product called Dryvit. It stands up well against the weather and you can get any color you want.
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          Sorry to jump on this chain with a related question --I am close to completing my 42 inch oven, it will remain igloo shaped for the winter, and next spring I plan to enclose it and add stone veneer. My question is whether i should finish it in stucco now for the winter to protect it from the elements? I plan on insulating it with 3inch FB blanket now, and then adding dry Vermiculite when I enclose it next fall. Can this be done over the stucco? Or better to not stucco...thank you..


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            If I understand you sequence above, the answer is no. I wouild install the blanket insulation and the cover with tarp when cooled and not in use.
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              OK thanks Joe...Curious why once the Stucco is added it does not make sense to add any Vermiculate insulation over that? Some domes have a layer of mortar on the brickwork for extra thermal mass and then insulated... I was/am concerned that the FB insulation will get wet over the winter tarp notwithstanding. Would adding a layer of 10:1 Vermiculate/Portland over the FB blanket help under the tarp?