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    What is the distance from the entrance of the oven to the centre of the flue outlet, I'm planing building a wood fired oven out of refactory castable,95 to 110cm in diameter but am finding it difficult to find an exact measurement for this. Would the measurement be taken from the base of the oven or where the flue arch intersects the dome of the oven.
    regards, but rather new at oven building.

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    If you have an oven with a floor diameter of 1050mm, then the height to the underside of a half-round dome will be 525mm. If your dour opening height is 308mm like mine and assuming a minimum 75mm door stop thickness, then the closest that the centreline of a 200mm diameter flue would be able to be placed to the centre-point of the round oven floor, would be 634mm from the centre point of the oven.

    Obviously, this will change if your over diameter changes or if you would like a thicker door stop, or if your door height is different, or if your door width is different. Quite a few variables really.
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