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Are my cracks normal?

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  • Are my cracks normal?

    Hi all.
    I have a pre cast oven.
    I have finally got my temperature up to full temperature after around 13 progressively hotter curing days. 4 Cracks have appeared. I know that they aren't desirable and am gutted that I have them this early. I'm not sure if it is my fault or if they were just inevitable either way doesn't matter now.

    What I would like to know is are they anything to worry about?

    Is there anything I should do to stop them getting worse?

    They shrink down to hair lines when cooling.

    Mano Thanks

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    Greetings Luke,
    New here, just minutes old I've not any experience with cast material, but MUCH with clays, both alone and with adjuncts like cone 6. Cracks are usually a thermo cycling issue and rather benign. Consider taking a measure on them and monitor. if they grow in length, chances are they'll also deepen (at some point). Should that happen sink a paperclip and get a depth. Lastly, do you know the cast material? Good to find out. Best of luck!


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      p.s. I wouldn't lose sleep over it.