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Pizza in a Bread Oven

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    Our plan was to pour our hearth with 4 inches of reinforced concrete for strength, then a perlite/portland blend layer of five inches on top of that, then the 2 inch tiles from Maurice on top of that... We could get enough offcuts to make the tiles double thick.. Think that'd be enough? His hearths are 3 inches of perlite/portland/sand on the bottom, three inches of regular cement on top of that, then the 2 inch firebrick tiles. He says that works, but I don't want my oven to just work, I want it so sing. Found materials only go so far. If it takes money to get the correct materials, we'll spend money to do it right, we're just trying our best to do this thing as earth friendly as possible, whilst building a cutting edge pizza oven.


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      Re: Pizza in a Bread Oven

      Originally posted by james View Post
      I have always said that it's easy to cook bread in a pizza oven, and hard to cook pizza in a bread oven. Last night really solidified that thinking for me..............

      Plus, it isn't just about pizza. If you want to bake, roast and grill at home, the Italian brick oven design has a lot of advantages.

      I'm not sure what to say, but I have a vault and often do great roasts (normal & slow) while having no trouble with pizzas either?

      It might have something to do with the fact that I usually spend quite a lot of time firing the oven during the morning/day, depending on what I'm doing. Last Monday I started firing at 12pm and kept it up while outside/in the shed/homebrewing, to last wood at 3pm, there was GOOD heat in it let me tell you. I slid the roast lamb in at 4.30pm, ready at 5.45pm (small roast) & rested for 25mins...sensational meat when it comes from your own paddock!

      Pizza, I do quite similar, sometimes just setting a smallish piece of timber on the coals to tick away, this is usually enough to keep plenty of heat to cook 2 or 3 10" - 12" pizzas at a time.

      Not sure if I'm just lucky but I love everything that comes out of my barrel vault...or maybe I'm just not that fussy?
      Boom Shanker! (Neil - The Young Ones)


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        Re: Pizza in a Bread Oven

        Thanks for the review and heads up. I was wondering if there was much of a difference.


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          I'm really excited to to start learning with this group. I believe there's tons of things that I can learn and grow from by participating and learning with all the things that we have here. Please let me know if I can help anyone with there stuff, but mostly I am going to be learning from you.

          Thanks for letting me be on the group.

          Eric Burkholz


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            Another Utahnnn, I have helped a lot of local builder so don't be bashful. In the mean time buy the eplans from the FB store, they are only $3 bucks and will give you a good baseline. Also look in the newbie section under the sticky Treasure Archives, this thread has links to some of the more documented build on the blog.
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