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First pizza cook in my home cast oven

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  • First pizza cook in my home cast oven
    First time using the oven after building and lots of drying fires

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    Looks great, get yourself an 8” turning peel

    well worth it


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      Thanks Gianlucaf, ye on my wish listhad spent all summer building so was in a bit of a rush to use the oven after drying. Have wrapped it up for the winter to help keep moisture out will finish next spring paint tile and some more curing fires. Hope buy then i have the right tools and can show some more pizza and nice roasts , thanks for taking the time to reply, checked out your cast build got to admit i am glad i went down that route. Lookinng forward to seeing your finished oven.


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        Mine is still on pieces , I sealed concrete this weekend and plan on transferring oven to slab next weekend weather permitting .
        what did you use for the floor and what is the height of the oven floor ? Looks pretty high , is it at a good level or do you find yourself having to bend over to look inside still?


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          Hi John, checked out some of your posts and pics, cast and mould looking good. My oven floor is made of fire brick on top of vermiculite and cement insulation. The floor is 1200mm high could of made it a bit higher but it works fine, was told to aim for elbow hight. I have tried to some of the build steps here

          And here http://ukwoodfiredovenforum.proboard...273/new-member

          Best of luck with your build.