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Baking Pizza in a wood fired oven.

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  • Baking Pizza in a wood fired oven.

    Hiya All,
    My oven turned 8 years old last weekend. We celebrated it with a pizza party.
    I did made a video and it's now online.
    Hope you like it.

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    Can we make pizza in an electric smoker?

    Thanks for your detailed answer.
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      Welcome to the forum Marie43! Marzano San, I apologize for the follow-up of a highjack to your thread.

      Sorry Marie43, electric smokers do not get hot enough to cook "real" pizza. You might be able to do a store bought pizza that only requires 400- 425F or so, but I wouldn't recommend it since most smokers are not designed to efficiently (or safely...IMHO) go to those temps. Better just to use your inside oven to do a store bought pizza or settle for making a pizza that's intended for the under 500F range of temps...or make a friend nearby who has a "real" pizza oven...
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        I have tried different types of pizza during my travels. The best one tasted like the one cooked over an open fire. Well, a set of spices - basil and oregano are required.