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Pizza Oven/Fireplace Combo

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  • Pizza Oven/Fireplace Combo

    Hi All,

    I'm new to this forum and have been researching various designs and ideas posted here.

    I've been interested in building a combo Pizza Oven/Fireplace for sometime and thought I would share this recently posted video. This seems pretty ingenious and a beautiful design and execution: Pizza Oven/Fireplace Combo build.

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    i have seen the same concept executed in a similar manner and it appears to have worked well in each case. The workmanship is excellent and a very creative design with the stone and old mantel. My only question was with the use of type N mortar in the fat part of the dome joints. It will probably be ok, since they used Heat Stop on the interior joints, but I would stick with a refractory all the way through the dome, maybe work the saw just a bit more to control the joint size. This is not a project for a novice, I can say that for sure. I have found three examples of this type of a unit online and each was executed by full time mason, I plan to build my own this winter as time allows and hopefully I can post some pics.
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