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    I have posted on and off in the Pompeii oven forum under Pensacola build. I'll try to figure out how to add the link to this posting thread. This build has taken a few years longer than I anticipated, but I guess everyone goes through that. In my case, I'm doing it all myself and time is not always available. Second, I'm not rich, so every element to the build is expensive. I left off on the other forum posting having just finished the chimney transition and installation. After that, I covered the top of the oven enclosure with 1/2 inch cement board, paper backed lathe, and scratch coat where the stone will go and stucco on the upper chimney. I'll add another few posts and pictures to bring the build up to date.

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    After the enclosure was more or less weather proof, I got started with the columns. I decided to use Z counterform Liqui crete for the top of the column pedestals and the full counter tops in the future. This was a good way to see how this stuff works after watching several videos. After the tops were done, the stone work began. Looks easy, but very frustrating. I used stack stone for the two pedestals and field stone for the oven enclosure. At the same time, I used the same process for the oven landing.


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      This is the link to the start of the build up the point of starting this thread, not sure if it'll work
      Questions and comments on building the Pompeii Oven chamber and vent.


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        Started applying the stone at this point. Scratch coated everything with 1 part type N masonry cement and 2-3 parts sand. Then used the same mix for application of the stone.


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          Had to build a wall on each side of the enclosure and at the ends of the bars. Used 18ga steel studs and tracks installing an electrical outlet on each side. Covered with cement board, paperbacked lathe, stucco scratch coat and stucco brown coat.


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            Now that the walls were built, the rest of the stone could be applied to the sides of the enclosure. The walls are going to be topped later with some round cement trim, so gave a little room for that. Then grouting the stone came next. I'm still working on that part. After all of that's done, onto the concrete countertops which I'm sure will be a nightmare. For the grout, Acme Brick had this colored mortar, just mix with 3 parts sand. Wondering if I can use this for final stucco color coat.