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My Outdoor Kitchen

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  • My Outdoor Kitchen

    I Thought Id share some pics of my outdoor kitchen that I built 2 years ago from ironbark roundbacks and all sorts of second hand materials. I have always wanted a slab hut in the style of our aussie pioneers homes so i eventually got around to building it. I have been extending it ever since adding more cooking equipment and most recently my pizza oven which is shown in one pic in relation to the kitchen.
    My kitchen has a sink, which has hot water supplied by a wood stove with a heater jacket in it, connected to a 24 gal (i think) drum with a float set up to keep the drum full and a fair supply of hot water for washing up, i cook with a lot of camp ovens too which is a big job to clean up.
    It also has an old lounge in it and a small dining table.
    It can double up as a dog house, I made it so i could live in it if need be LOL

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    Re: My Outdoor Kitchen

    I think the woodstove idea for the outdoor kitchen is great. Hot water is an added bonus. Looks great.
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      Re: My Outdoor Kitchen

      Hi Bluetung,
      your kitchen is not dissimilar to numerous stations that I stayed and visited along the Gibb River Road up in the Kimberly's.
      Did you use fire or common red bricks for your oven?
      Great stuff, sit back and enjoy.

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        Re: My Outdoor Kitchen

        Hello, I have 2 layers to my oven, the inner layer is good quality, second hand, house bricks and the outside layer is the old red fireplace chimney bricks.