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Non-Domed WFO Parilla Grill Combo

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  • Non-Domed WFO Parilla Grill Combo

    Hi Everybody,

    I'm new to this so please excuse me if this is ignorant and I missed a thread explaining some of this stuff. I am currently trying to build an Argentine Parilla style covered brick grill but I would also like it to be able to function as a wood fired oven for pizza and maybe bread. I thought this might be possible by simply adding doors and potentially having all internal walls of the grill/oven lined with refractory bricks, but I have yet to see a non-domed oven and I have the feeling this is more complicated than I imagine. Below is a general image of what it might look like but with much smaller of a chimney and some kind of doors to seal in the heat when using it as an oven (though this in turn may make it cumbersome to use it as a grill...). There is also a sketch of what I'm trying to accomplish. I think I'll need to change up the chimney after I learn a little more about the way smoke pulls, but my main concern is using it as grill but also being able to use it as an oven. Any ideas or feedback?

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    Did you ever complete this?
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