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Will this work? Wood fired grill / oven combo?

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  • ogopogodude
    Good Question. I would think that you may have an issue with consistency of cooking, .. particularly when it comes to pizzas. The one main problem, .. that at home pizza makers like us have ... is having an adequate crust being NOT gooey / doughy .. whilst all the toppings are fully cooked.

    And the whole idea in obtaining a perfect crust is having a HOT enough 'floor' that the pizza crust lays upon... This means, .. having a VERY hot floor ... BEFORE one places the pizza on it ..

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  • Tom1983
    started a topic Will this work? Wood fired grill / oven combo?

    Will this work? Wood fired grill / oven combo?

    I really want a wood fired Argentinian grill like this on but I also want to cook pizzas, bake bread and roast in a WPS fired oven. I asked the guys at Argie Grills if they could make some steel doors to go on the front of this so I could use it as an oven as well. They said they could do it no problem.
    What does everyone think? Will this work well as a wood fired oven?
    thanks so much for your feedback