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purchasing firewood

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  • purchasing firewood

    i am looking to purchase a cord or so of firewood for my oven (i got tired of splitting wood, and my ax went missing anyhow...)

    "standard" firewood logs are probably too large for a brick oven - should i get the place to split it a bit smaller - has anyone had experience with this, or how to direct them to split?

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    Re: purchasing firewood

    I have access to unlimited free wood so obviously, I cut my own....
    For the Fireplace/Woodburning Insert I cut about 20" or so.....and I cut for the oven about half of that...

    Actually, my oven isn't complete so this is a great question...
    What length/diameter of wood do most of you use?

    I split it mostly below 4" diameter with lengths of 6" to 15"...for the WFO

    No Help, I'm sure but great thread....


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      Re: purchasing firewood

      I cut my wood. 16 inch length and 4 - 6 inch diameter. I'm not sure that it really matters all that much.
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        Re: purchasing firewood

        I heat my home with wood and cut wood from my own property. I use the same lengths that fit in my heating stove for the house for my WFO. When cutting and splitting I high grade the wood for use in the WFO.

        The pieces I select are no bigger in cross section than 4 to 5 inches and are usually quarters or sixths of a round. When one uses a splitter there is usually alot of small pieces/splinters that come off from the wood. I gather these and they become kindling. The woods I usually have available are madrone, alder, cherry and some maple. When splitting alder I usually split a fair amount to 1 x 1 1/2 inch cross section.

        My firewood is usually 14 inches long. My stove will take 16 inch but using slightly shorter makes for less chance of issues when feeding the fire.

        Hope this helps,


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          Re: purchasing firewood

          Typically, wood oven wood is split to a much smaller size than fire place wood or wood stove wood. I split mine down to about 4 sq inches on the end (two inches across).

          If you don't want to split this yourself, you can try asking your firewood supplier to "custom" split the wood using his machine splitter. I would imagine most would do this for free to a steady customer or, at most, charge a small fee.
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